June 18, 2009

Record Tied

For you record lovers...it didn't rain at SeaTac yesterday (I know there were some sprinkles elsewhere)....so we tied the record. The convergence zone was weaker than forecast last night and we have a very good shot of breaking the record today (longest dry run in May-June).
Eastern Washington and the lower eastern Cascade slopes are very dry for this time of the year. The big worry will be wildfires and ominously we have already had a few burns already. Below is the latest 10-hr fuel moisture map (how much moisture in surface "fuels" that could burn). Eastern Washington is quite dry (but not as bad as the SW). This may be a major issue this summer, so stay tuned.


  1. I've noticed grasses along the roads are starting to dry out. The firefighters are probably dreading the upcoming 4th of July if the weather stays this dry. We worry about the fireworks igniting the grass and forests around our home. Rules governing pyrotechnics are ignored around her. Folks from "the city" spend $$$$$$ for fireworks at the reservations and bring them out to "the country" and blast them for weeks leading up to and long past the 4th. I know this is a blog about weather so I won't go on. But I will say I usually pray for rain and no wind on the 4th!

  2. It's been good biking weather and for hiking too. The past 2 years the end of June usually has a weekend that reaches over 90, close to a 100 in Portland. Wondering if that pattern will set up again this year?

  3. Apparently, Bellingham had only a dry stretch of about 20 days between sprinkles. Yesterday morning we had a substantial soaker, negating the need to water the garden.

    What I'd like to know is where I can look at precipitation and other historical stats for Bellingham area? Over time I've learned that Seattle stats and forecasts are not necessarily relevant here. I sure wish we had our own Cliff!

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  5. 1000hr fuels are at July levels in Eastern Washington. Interesting to note that some stations are reporting lower fuel moisture's than in Northern California, which usually takes the lead in the opening of fire season.Fire Managers will be under strain with budgets. Lets hope for minimal lightning on the crest and east side

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  7. Anyone who is interested in Bellingham weather stats can get two months of official data from accuweather.com and unofficial data from 1949-2009 from wunderground.com/history. I say unofficial because wunderground goes by hourly reports not official highs and lows from the NWS. The numbers are close, however, and it gives you a good idea of what took place in the past.

    weather.gov/climate/xmacis.php?wfo=sew has some excellent official data for advanced users.

  8. natchrl8r: there is a wealth of Bellingham data available:


    This page lets you generate plots with many choices of variable, one of which is location (WA and OR). Bellingham Airport is on the list.

    Many other good resources are linked at


    If you find the site useful, Atmospheric Sciences, which maintains it, can use some donations, otherwise it looks like there's a risk that at least some of it could vanish in puff of electrons.


    (I have no connection with atmospheric sciences, I'm just a data junkie.)

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