November 19, 2021

Dry Weekend and the Roadway Icing Threat: All in My New Podcast

The coming weekend will be unusual for the region:  it will be totally dry as high pressure builds over the region!

Sunday at 4 PM.  500 hPa heights (like pressure at 18,000 ft)

This dry period is particularly welcome, allowing Northwest Washington a period to dry out before more rain comes in next week.

But high pressure during fall can cause problems, allowing the surface to cool off to below freezing and allowing the possibility of roadway icing.

My podcast describes this threat and how you can be on the lookout for potential signs of ice formation.

You can listen to the podcast below or through your favorite podcast server.

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My next blog will be on the Sumas/NW Washington flooding, examining whether global warming is the cause, as claimed by some media and politicians.


  1. In Western Washington, during winter, do you advise the use of snow tires?

  2. What is the prospect for the dreaded "double pumper" this weekend of the 27/28th? When a second rain storm comes in after the ground is saturated from a previous large rain storm. Temps look to be in the mid 50's and low of 50. Sounds like a recipe for another pineapple river.

  3. Ah, Cliff, you’re fighting against two kinds of current here, aren’t you? The current of people wanting to emphasize the impact of climate change, despite the lack of conclusive evidence, yes, but also the current in culture in general to seek out the inflammatory or the alarming. Why write a story about a weather event that is merely on the outer range of normal when you can stoke the fires by claiming that the storm provides yet more evidence that the world is ending? I appreciate the way you temper the drama.


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