June 03, 2022

Why do thunderstorm prefer the mountains? A Wet Weekend Ahead. All in My New Podcast!

The regional was hit by thunderstorms yesterday as unstable air was triggered by an approaching upper-level low-pressure system.  And this morning, a line of thunderstorms passed through, associated with the same offshore low.

Importantly,  most of the thunderstorms in our region occur over terrain, something suggested by the map of lightning strikes on Thursday (shown below).  You can see the north-south line of lightning strikes in the Cascades and the mass of strikes associated with the Blue Mountains of northeast Oregon.

But why are the mountains favored locations for the big boomers?    

I explain in the podcast (which you can access below or through your favorite podcast service).

My podcast starts with the forecast....and let's say it is on the soggy side.   The first week of June will be so wet that it will be soaked by the normal rain that falls in the WHOLE of a typical month of June.  The totals for the next week are startling (see below), with precipitation amounts that would be impressive for November. Three to five inches on the western side of many of our mountain areas.  Substantial rain east of the Cascade crest!

To listen to my podcast, use the link below or access it through your favorite podcast service.

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