September 11, 2009

Extraordinary Weekend

The red straight line is the average max, blue the average min

The past few weeks have brought temperatures at or below normal over western Washington, and above normal precipitation (see graph of temperature). This has radically reduced the fire danger threat over the west and knocked it way back east of the Cascades. But today and tomorrow summer will be back, REALLY back.

Warmer air has moved over our region and offshore flow...the key for heat in western Washington and Oregon..has returned. Don't believe that?--look at the winds aloft from the Seattle profiler this morning (see graphic). It is going to burn today, with many places away from the water getting into the upper 80s. Some places will break their daily records.

Probcast..the UW prediction website..which is almost perfect in such warming events is going upper 80s! Try it out yourself at See graphic from it below.

A nice evening to enjoy a stroll in a park. Or enjoy a tropical drink on the deck.

Tomorrow will be equally as good (warm). Full sun. Sunday will be a step down into the 70s...but still very nice. And nothing threatening on Monday and Tuesday.

Perfect painting weather...which is what I will be doing. Unfortunately.


  1. When you said "perfect painting weather," I thought, "Oh, that sounds nice, sitting outside painting a landscape scenery!" Then I realize you mean the boring kind of painting--walls or houses. So sorry!

  2. Hi Cliff! I'm an iPhone Application Developer and would like to make a non profit app of your weather blog and place it in the app store via iTunes so many more people can access and enjoy it. I'm willing to do this for free at no cost because I enjoy your blog and weather a whole lot and think this blog should go out to the masses! I would make it a free app so anyone can download it. Email me @ and let me know if I can put put this blog into a free iPhone app and I can give you some more details on what I want to do. Thanks Cliff - love the blogs!

  3. Is there anyway Celsius can be added to the site Cliff?

  4. The infrared satellite images are really something today. That is one impressive looking ridge!

    In the 4m image, the high desert looks black. I assume that's because it's absorbing that wavelength in such a clear atmosphere. Normally, it doesn't look so dark.

  5. is the the last time we are going to get this hot of weather?

  6. Cliff, I'm going to keep saying this as long as it continues. Stop using subjective terms as if they are objective facts. I know it's your blog, but at least recognize that they are opinions and not facts. Thanks!

  7. Prof. Mass,

    Any thoughts on posting a 2009 post-mortem?

    I noticed that we have posted at least 10 high temperature record-breaking days this year.

    I am wondering if there was a systemic cause or it just is. Living here for almost 20 years , this was the warmest summer I ever experienced, especially with the sustained heat wave.

    I remember when I first moved here that folks told me that a "handful of days over 80 and maybe one or two over 90"

  8. Yet another weekend of Great Weather! Best summer ever! I'll get one more BBQ in today, at least. I hope it'll keep dry enough to cure the soup beans and finish a few more tomatoes. : )

  9. I enjoyed the extraordinary weekend, hope there is at least one more like it. It is still summer after all.

  10. Probably the worst summer ever, at least for those of us without air conditioning.

  11. Everyone I know says this is the best summer ever for the Seattle area. I agree, it's been pretty unbelievable. With the exception of last weekend, I think every weekend has been nice to hot, with beautiful blazing sunshine. I have not been able to enjoy it as much as I would have liked, since I was indoors planning a wedding. Let's keep this summer going! It sounnds as if ElNino is going to be peaking out this week, keeping it mostly dry with still warmer temps.

  12. WeatherNerd's synopsis of the weather since late spring sounds fairly accurate (the objective parts of it). Cliff, is there possibly a specific reason the weather has been so intolerable this summer?

  13. So, summer's almost over, and I'm looking at the climate prediction center website...way in's looking like El Nino's not going anywhere and it's going to remain warmer and drier than normal through early next year at least! Are we going to have an "eastern" fall? But fall's great no matter what, IMO. Bring it on.


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