August 13, 2010

The Unimaginable: No Clouds--But Smoke is Back!

Going to be warm today! Lots of places will be in the lower to mid 90s! Clouds have made their way up the Oregon go there for cool.

Click on picture for closer view

Above is a NASA MODIS image from this afternoon...something has changed! No low clouds on the coast! The unimaginable has happened. And heat and clear skies will dominate for a while due to offshore (easterly flow). These pictures are really wonderful, with superb resolution. You can see the irrigated lands of eastern Washington and cumulus forming over ridges over the northeast and eastern mountains. You can also see smoke from the BC fires lurking offshore (don't worry, the easterly flow will keep it at bay). Interestingly, all that irrigated land in eastern Washington and elsewhere (like the interior valley of CA) act to cool the surface down by 1-5F. Not enough area to neutralize global warming through.

Unfortunately, the warm easterly winds have helped stoke two new on the Olympic Peninsula and the other on southern Vancouver Is. Check out this evening visible satellite can see smoke plumes from both.

Here is the latest forecast for tomorrow at 5 PM..near the time of warmest temps...upper 80s and lower 90s over the lowlands, INCLUDING the coast. Those coastal folks are in for a shock...perhaps a welcome one. Surprising, it may be warmer west of the Cascades than on the eastern side.

Two interesting in Seattle it is 11F warmer tonight than yesterday at the same time. Second, the dew points are relatively low (50-55F) so the humidity is comfortable.


  1. Not sure why the NWS is having such trouble getting temps right for the San Juans. Your Sat 5:00 temp map shows 70s for the island, but we were in the upper 80s. Similarly, the NWS point map system showed high of 75. Way off.

    Why such problems forecasting temps even a day away?

  2. It's really remarkable to see how there's a 15-20 degree difference in a reputable temp reading on Western Ave. in downtown Seattle, compared to the same at the Olive/Boren area.

  3. I think I caught the smoke in a time-lapse video I shot at Ocean Shores Friday evening.


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