February 14, 2011

Hold On to Your Hats

A very powerful front is now moving through the region and the associated low is stronger than forecast. Winds have gusted to 60-70 mph on the coast and 40-50 mph gusts in the interior are probable. My god....debris is flying off the new building next to me and precipitation is very intense. Just pounding against my window. The lights are flickering and my uninteruptable power supply is clicking on....I better finish this before I lose it....

Here is the latest satellite picture..you can see the strong front making landfall. And the curl of clouds into the low center is clear.

And here is the Camano Island radar...you can see the intense precipitation.
And the weather is going to get even more fun later this week....


  1. Congratulations Cliff. We have weather again, finally!

    Looks like La Nina is back for a while?

  2. Thanks for the NOWCAST Cliff! Winds gusted to 45 on Silverdale Ridge with flickering lights. I think we made it. Look forward to your posts detailing the potential for some white stuff later in the week. Enjoy the warm dinner :)

  3. Always amazes me how riled up the Pacific can get. Looking at GOES West NEPAC visible...there seems to be all sorts of cold stuff spinning up!

  4. Cliff, As always, thank you for taking time to explain today's weather. I cant wait to see how "interesting" the weather will be in the next 7-9 days. Keep up the excellent work.

  5. As you mentioned the possibility of snow later this week, I glanced at the Farmers almanac and their prediction for the third week of February does mention snow. Could you comment on your thoughts on how the almanace makes their weather predictions?

    Again, thank you for the "nowcast" and hope you enjoyed your dinner :)

  6. We had a huge wind/rain/hail event around 4pm in Astoria going across the Youngs Bay bridge. Looked like around an inch or so of hail on the ground right after it passed.

    I had to pull over as the wipers on fast weren't doing a thing for vision.

    Had lightning and thunder as well.


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