March 23, 2011

Finally, A Warm Day

Today several locations in western Washington reached in the low fact some surged into the mid-60s. Offshore flow air descended down the western slopes of the Cascades it it is compressed and warmed. Here is the profiler data for today from Seattle and you can see the strong SE flow off the Cascades.

And here is the model surface winds, pressure, and lower atmosphere temperatures at 2 PM. You can see the offshore flow there as well.

Here are the temperatures of the past 4 really stands out as the first to really get above normal. In fact, this year is extremely late for us getting to the high-50s: the 5th coolest in that respect.


  1. All of the links to images seem to be broken.

  2. Can we have more than just one of those days in a row? I love the fall/winter stormy, crazy weather but even I am ready for spring/summer...and my garden and summer vacation....

  3. Looks like "" got prepended to those links - if you get rid of it, you'll find the images. The first one, for example, should be

  4. I can't remember a year before now where the vernal equinox came and went before the appearance of cherry blossoms.

  5. Noticed tonight the models mid week are at odds. GFS has a ridge trending south and EURO has heavy rain trending north. Right now the bulleye is V. Is. 5-6 inches.

  6. trav, you've got sharp eyes! Thanks for solving the mystery and educating me a bit!


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