April 01, 2012

Seattle Superstorm

There is a lot of talk about extreme weather in the Northwest, inspired by our record-breaking precipitation of late.  It turns out that the Science Fiction channel, working with climate scientists at Oregon State, has produced a video to reveal the kind of weather we might expect during the next century.   For those of us living in Seattle, this work is a stark reminder of our vulnerability to more extreme weather as the earth's climate changes.  Click on picture, if you aren't afraid.  (Hint:  skip your brunch at the Space Needle)

Yes...it's April 1.


  1. LOL, good one Cliff. I actually thought my husband had posted this blog, since we did watch that movie the other night.

  2. Loved it Cliff.

  3. I didn't know that they'd resurrected 'Almost Live' ...

  4. Syfy random movie generator:
    Location: Seattle
    Disaster: extreme weather
    Bonus disaster: earthquakes
    Cause: UFO
    Hindrance: clueless gummit
    Obligatory: shaky hand held shots, Space Needle falls


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