August 27, 2012

The Real Threat of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac

The media isn't talking about this much, but the real threat of tropical storm Isaac may be heavy precipitation and flooding....not winds and storm surge.

Recent model runs suggest the storm might stall over southern Lousiana, resulting in huge amounts of precipitation (storm totals of 12-24 inches in some locations).   Here is the latest storm total precipitation totals form the NWS GFS (78 hr total) and NAM (84 hour total) models for runs started at 1200 UTC this morning:

Pretty impressive precipitation.

 And here is a nice satellite image of Isaac at 11 AM with some observations plotted.  One report of 70 knots near the center.  No obvious eye at this time.  The lowest pressure observed is 987.8 hPa. 


  1. This comment is not related to the hurricane. I think I saw "sky trees" (Cirrocumulus Virga clouds) north of Seattle today. Did anyone else notice the clouds? They were amazing!

  2. This comment is not related to the hurricane, but did anyone else notice the clouds today? I think I saw 'sky trees' - cirrocumulus virga clouds north of Seattle today. Lots of other interesting formations. They were amazing!

  3. Does anyone know what the levy situation is like around New Orleans? Have they all been repaired now?

  4. Hi Cliff,

    Tropical storms aside, I imagine that you have looked at Seattle's 10 day forecast. Wow. These past weeks have bailed out my tomato crop and sweet corn crop. And, more great weather to come...yippee


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