January 11, 2013

A Dangerous Night

Driving home tonight  in Seattle around 10 PM, the road conditions were degrading rapidly...lots of ice on the road and I even started to skid in some places.
You can see the reflections off the roadway icing near the UW tonight
All the ingredients were there....lack of middle and upper level clouds, good radiation cooling to space, near calm surface winds, surface temperatures below freezing, and freezing fog.

 The 10 PM observations say it all..much of the region away from water is in the mid-20s and winds are light (red numbers are temperature, blue numbers are dewpoint).
 So be careful tonight and tomorrow morning (and Sunday night and morning too)....and be particularly cautious if fog is around.

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  1. I love bad weather--wish a bit would center down in the mid-Willamette Valley! lol Wonderful blog.


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