February 22, 2014

Forget the Snow in Seattle

Each model run during the past few days has been warmer and less snowy over Seattle and vicinity.  The latest runs tonight are consistent with that trend and have no snow over Puget Sound tomorrow or Monday.

Here is the latest UW WRF snowfall for the 24 h period ending 4 PM Sunday.  Everett to Olympia is snow free.  But it still looks like there will continue to be snow around Bellingham, where it has been snowing for hours on Saturday.
The NOAA Rapid Refresh model is consistent with the UW WRF run, as is the European Center global model.

The next 24 hours? Same story, but with less precipitation.  The Cascades will get some additional snow pack, ranging from 6-12 inches during the next 48h.

Announcement:  The Northwest Weather Workshop will be on Feb 28th/March 1st in Seattle.

The NW Weather Workshop is the big annual gathering of those interested in the weather of the Pacific Northwest and everyone is welcome.  For more information, including the agenda and registration information, please check out: https://www.atmos.washington.edu/pnww/


  1. Snowing hard on the east side of Orcas Island at sea level! Yea! Starting to stick!

  2. Couple of inches in Bellingham at 9 AM and snowing steady. I'm from upstate NY where a few inches of snow is ho-hum, but here in Bellingham it is cause for a national holiday. Yippee!

  3. 3.5 inches in Bellingham near sea level, light wind, 30 degrees

  4. of course i'm no proper judge of the overall result, but it sure seems to me that Prof Mass got this one smash-on.

    and (most importantly) it allowed me to accurately wimp-out of a trip north where i've little doubt i'd have panicked, spun-out, and the wolves would've eaten me.

    so buy yer weather person a beer, they save you from being eaten by wolves.

  5. Snowed off and on Saturday but nothing was sticking now Sunday it has been snowing since 2AM and is just starting to stick at 2PM. We are at 500 ft 36 degrees

  6. Over a foot at 1000 feet on Mount Constitution, Orcas Island...and it is still snowing!...what will tonight bring!

  7. 7"+ now, light wind, 28 degrees.

  8. Near blizzard like conditions in Ferndale. It seems like it has been snowing non stop for 36 hours. The snow drifts across my driveway are waist deep.

    I've lived in Whatcom County for thirteen years now and this feels like a top three snow event. I would never have expected this for late February. I'm ready for some rain!

  9. We've gotten 3 inches or so of snow at 1000 feet elevation in Sequim, but its only sticking on the grass. Elsewhere, its melting as daytime high was about 35F. Now temp has fallen a bit below freezing at 5pm, but radar shows the moisture has moved east of us. Bummer.

    Unless we get some more moisture (not on the radar at this time), my snow-loving Labs are going to be unhappy. They like multi inches of dry stuff.

    Instead, just sloppy slush at this elevation, and that will likely freeze overnight. Joy. Not.



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