June 13, 2014

Cool, Moist Weather and Happy Seeds

After a warm/dry start to June, we have transitioned to a cooler, wetter pattern.  Here is the precipitation from Seattle Rainwatch, which is only valid around the Puget Sound region.  Lots of folks had .2 to .5 inches, with greater amounts in the foothills.
The large-scale atmospheric pattern has shifted so that we are now getting a series of troughs over the eastern Pacific, in contrast to the persistent ridge of the previous period.  A very sharp trough, with a hurricane-looking radar signature came through on Thursday (see upper level map and radar image below).

The precipitation forecast was too wet on Thursday over Seattle, since the rain held off until evening at which time the low center had passed east of us.

Saturday will be the best day of the weekend as a weak ridge is established over the Northwest:  plenty of clouds and temperatures only reaching the lower to mid-60s.  Here is the upper-level map for 8 AM Saturday:  you can see the weak ridge and a moderate trough looming offshore.

Unfortunately, that trough will reach us on Sunday, substantially increasing the change of showers (see upper level map for 11 AM Sunday):
Sorry.  I would not go on a hike that day over the western slopes of crest of the Cascades.  Eastern Washington will be drier--but even there a few showers are possible.

But now the good news for gardeners.  Soil temperatures have substantially warmed and virtually all seeds should germinate fine if they are watered.  Here are the latest soil temperatures (8 inches down) from the WSU AgWeatherNet:.  Mid-60s at Puget Sound locations and 70s east of the Cascades.

To see how far we have come, here are the soil temps in Seattle since April 1st.   From lower 50s to upper 60s.

As you can see from the following table, most seeds should germinate now, even those who like warm conditions (such as eggplant)

Soil temperatures an inch down should be warmer than the above during the day and cooler at night.

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