September 10, 2019

Super Heavy Rain in Everett Causes Flooding

On Monday night, an intense convective cell parked itself over Everett producing very heavy rain, sewer overflows, and flooding that closed some roads and Everett High School.

Steve Link's twitter feed showed some of the action:

How much rain?  During the 11h ending 11 PM Monday, there was about 3 inches (see below)..and much of that fell between 5 and 7:15 PM Monday.  Surrounding areas had a few tenths or less.

Let me show you as series of radar images between roughly 6 PM and 7:15 PM Monday.  Red colors are the really heavy stuff.

 At 5:56 PM, a strong cell was over Everett.

6:08 PM--still there.

6:20--it is pouring over Everett still

7:07 PM--starting to fade.

The visible image at 6:20 PM shows the convective cells:

The tops of these convective cells got to around 21,000 ft...nothing like the massive storms we had on Saturday night (see radar echo top below)--- thus, there was no lightning with them.   They just got locked up for a while over Everett, for reasons I can only speculate on.

Everett could use their version of Seattle RainWatch--a radar-based warming system we developed for Seattle. 


  1. Cliff, we had a similar situation in the 2008-2010 timeframe where we had a squall park over Martha Lake and just dump. Dumped so much that the storm drain systems could not handle the volume. There was an actual Stafford Act declaration that came out of that areal flooding. We were never quite sure (in Emergency Management - Snohomish County) what happened, but it was intense and damaging. I will try to dig for the dates, but First Creek/Swamp Creek, Mill Creek, Bothell, Unincorporated Snohomish County in the area; took it hard..

  2. I keep my boat in Everett. The dinghy was half full of water after the storm.

  3. Nice series of images for taking in the progression, Cliff.

  4. Must be the same one that drenched me on my bike commute that morning.

    How about those clouds over the Cascades Tuesday? They were cool!


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