January 22, 2021

New Podcast: Weekend Forecast, Snow Update, and a Look at Western Washington Snowstorms

My new podcast is online (see below or the upper right to listen) and on it I examine the chances of snow this week and give you a short tutorial on western Washington snowstorms:  why are they so rare and what does it take to get decent snow west of the Cascades.

Skies are clearing right now and expect sun and mid-40s the rest of the day.

Tomorrow morning will be quite cold, with clear skies overnight allowing the Earth to radiate heat to space.  With a moist surface, we expect some fog and real threat of dangerous freezing fog.

Sunday morning will bring some snowflakes to western WA but mainly above 500 ft. 

Let me show you an interesting graphic that shows BOTH rain and snow.  Rain is shown by gray shades and snowfall by colors.

For the 3 hours ending 4 AM Sunday, just rain over the lowlands, with snow up on the slopes.

For the next three hours (through 7 AM Sunday), light snow on the hills and high elevation areas (such as north of Seattle to Everett, Cougar Mountain, southwest of Olympia, southwest WA)

And the light snow continues for the next three hours in those areas.  And then it is over!

We just don't have sufficiently cold air over us.  Another chance on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Here is my podcast:
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  1. Those consecutive 3-inch accumulations over Abernathy Mt get my attention; we're about 9mi south at 800'. Perhaps a white birthday, of which I've had very few in my Portland/Longview lifetime!

  2. What weather app includs the freezing and snow level elevations?

    1. Northwest Avalanche Center mountain weather report. You can see it on your phone or tablet.
      Cant be beat,
      Skier Jay

  3. What a great way to combine rain and snowfall on a map. Reminds me of Edward Tufte.

  4. Western Washington Snowstorms, almost as rare as Bigfoot sightings.


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