January 28, 2022

The Truth about Ancient Weather Proverbs. Plus, the Latest Forecast

The weather wisdom of the ancients.

Red sky at night sailors delight, red sky in the morning sailor take warning.

Or perhaps from the Book of Job.

Fair weather cometh out of the north

Weather proverbs and sayings are found in virtually every human culture.  Based on modern meteorological knowledge, do they make sense?

The answer is found in my new podcast.  And so is the latest forecast, which includes rain on Sunday and a cool, but generally dry, next week.

To listen to my podcast,  use the link below or access it through your favorite podcast service.

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  1. I have asked in a past couple of posts...do the lowlands of Washington have any more snow ❄on the horizon or are we heading for an early spring...

  2. Hey Cliff, longtime listener... The audio quality on this podcast made it difficult for me to decipher your words. Your voice had a large range of volume (loud to soft). I had to constantly adjust my speaker volume, but even when soft, couldn't make out the words. Hope that feedback is helpful to you.

  3. Hi Cliff: I missed the explanation about proverbs: "red sky, etc." in the podcast. Do you explain it elsewhere?


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