December 26, 2008

Evening Update

Temperatures have only slowly warmed, but now most locations have temperatures in the mid to upper 30s and have switched to rain (see map for current temps..the top left number at each of the weather stations). You will also see the strong southeasterlies over NW Washington and the central WA coast....interestingly enough these winds are forced by the Olympics (my book has a whole section on this). Slow warm up is good....minimizes the chances for local flooding. The air will warm up overnight and by the morning serious melting should be occurring.
We have a serious rainshadow going on now from Seattle northward. Another good thing that will work against urban flooding. The model's suggested this and they were right.

With large amounts of snow in the mountains, I90 is now closed for avalanche work.

Books Now Available Locally Again: Several you have been unable to get my weather book...but now supplies from the new printing are coming in to town. University Book Store in Seattle received hundreds of copies today and are available for either in store purchase or mail order. More coming this week. Other local book stores should be getting more as well before the week is up.


  1. Wicked winds here in Freeland on Whidbey. The house is shaking and we're waiting for the power to go out! Do the surrounding areas feel this when we do? Or is this our little microclimate?

  2. Windy and pelting rain in Olympia.

  3. Windy and rain in Oly.
    Transit should be better tomorrow in Seattle, no actual route canelations in the internal memos. But likely to be some routes still on snow routing.

  4. Raining @ ~475 feet in east woodinville (Lake Tuck). No wind.

    Community brought in a plow today. Plow piles 5+ feet in driveways. Unreal!

    Lived in the area 41 years and never seen this. Love it! 39" of total accumulation. Snow ditch dug between top of property to back where creek is to aide in run-off... it is going to get messy over the next several days!

  5. mild (37.5) and gusty winds in east olympia. can hear the water in the downspouts like a big rainstorm, but no rain.

  6. It snowed until about 4 here in East Renton. I thought my elevation was about 100 feet, but my aviation GPS told me that I'm actually close to 380. It's warm and thawing now, but no rain. Hopefullly I can get my cars out of the driveway tomorrow!

    BTW, I measured this afternoon and we had just over a FOOT in the front yard.

  7. Cliff, how is it the Shelton was able to stay snow all day even though they are only 250' elev. and much closer to the coast??? Also, Olympia was reporting Lt. Snow and 37 at 11pm tonight. Is that possible considering the warm air aloft?

    I'd also like to know if the individual from east Woodinville had 39" on the ground or total over the total event.

  8. North Sammamish Plateau 42.3 degress with rain and breezy conditions. The last time my weather station showed a temp in the 40's was a high of 44.1 on December 12th.

    It snowed much of the day yesterday but all in all we probably only had a 1/2" of new snow.

    Now that the snow has come to an end I just wish it would all disappear! Although I must say, I sure had fun driving in it and enjoying the beauty of it all.

  9. 41 degrees in Kirkland/Juanita. Awoke for the first time in over a week to the sound of water dripping. Will be going outside soon to dig out a trench downhill for water runoff.

  10. It's pouring in downtown Issaquah - some 10mm (0.5") in the last couple of hours.

    Still cold; about 1'C (33'F).

    Thanks for the updates this last week Cliff - really helped us with both planning and understanding our weather.

  11. Cliff,
    I'd like to add to Weatherfreak's question. How do the Black Hills influence weather moving into the Puget Sound?


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