January 12, 2009

Update Later

I am going to update in depth later...but at this point the forecast is on track. Big ridge this week with very warm air aloft. The mountains will be in sun...you might see 60F at Paradise before it is over. A low-level inversion will form, as will fog. The question will be whether we will break out during the afternoons. The other big issue is air quality....low-level inversions trap pollutants and by the end of the week the air quality might degrade significantly....


  1. The fog is hugging the ground here in Poulsbo/Silverdale and not a breath of wind. To make matters worse, I have a neighbor who just has to have a gigantic burn pile today. What. an. idiot.

  2. There is a really cool-looking band of very low-lying fog over the eastside - a line from the SW to the NE. Check it out if you have a good view of the city.

  3. Olalla: Went for a walk just before noon; it started misting at about 1, and for the next several hours it became more like light rain than heavy mist. Temperature's mild though.

  4. Chris,
    Tough...I'll burn on my property anytime I so desire!
    P.S. Waaaaaaa!
    Your neighbor

  5. Lets geek it up with the KSEA metar, good way to check the vis at the airport.

    METAR KSEA 130053Z 20004KT 1 1/4SM -RA BR BKN004 OVC015 09/08 A3063 RMK AO2 SFC VIS 2 1/2 RAE13B47 CIG 002V008 SLP381 P0002 T00940083

  6. Cold weather lovers: there are the slightest signs of retrogression in the long-term forecasting models today. Nothing definite, or even close to it, but it gives us some hope that we could get back to below-normal temperatures by the end of the month.

  7. BurnBaby,
    I would expect nothing less from an ignorant self centered igjit such as yourself. Good luck with that gaping head wound.

    Hoping you choke on your burning refuse.

  8. Dumb question, but here goes:
    Cliff, how does a temperature inversion even happen? I mean, usually the air is colder as you go up, so how come it is switched, and what is it that physically traps the fog and cold air down here anyway? Never mind..... I need to look it up in your book, it's been bugging me for years.......

  9. If you see someone burning on their property on burn ban days, or if the fire is really big, or if they are burning it at night, or if they are burning trash - simply call 911 or your local fire department and report them. The fire department will come out and deal with it. Most often they will not have the required permit. And like any law breaker when caught they'll have to suffer the consequences, or at least get a good chewing out by the authorities.

    People think they have a god-given right to pollute anytime they please - citing things like their "private property rights." What about my right not to breathe the air pollution they generate?

    Similarly, if you burn with a wood stove - PLEASE use dry wood, harvested at least 2 years old.

  10. http://www.pscleanair.org/

    Here are some links to help settle out the burning dispute,hope this helps..

  11. You are absolutely right, Anon above. I did call my local FD. It isn't a burn ban day but it was huge and it was a nuisance especially because of this inversion. Both of those conditions constitute a violation. BurnBaby's position that they'll burn whenever they please on their property doesn't hold well in the context of a shared community and personal responsibility. BurnBaby is probably a bored something or other and looking to stir things up. Probably doesn't even own any property.

  12. The profiler today showed temps near 10C at the surface cooling to about 4 or 5C at 1000m. The strong inversion will not be in place til about Wednesday.

  13. Does anyone know if inversions are associated with wind shear aloft?

  14. Keep an eye on this 5 day jet stream forecast. If you see the high's center of rotation start to move west, better get the brass monkeys back inside.



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