October 30, 2009


9:30 PM update:  winds are now gusting to 45 mph at Whidbey Is Naval Air Station and 64 mph at Tatoosh Island. 43 mph at Port Townsend. 53 mph at Smith Island.

Attached is the latest wind forecast for 8 PM tonight...very strong winds over NW Washington. Pink indicated 40 knots of SUSTAINED WINDS. Gusts could be much higher. If you are on the southern side of the San Juans, northern Whidbey Is, or on the NE Olympic Peninsula coast, be prepared! Don't even think about going on the water.

As shown by the Seattle wind profiler...strong winds (sustained 25 knots +) are above us right now. The air now is in the sixties and the snowpack is rapidly melting.


  1. Very cool, thank you for the update!

  2. Hope I'm there to see it... I'm stuck in the Minneapolis Airport on a weather delay. Should be a fun ride on the descent!

  3. Interesting. If one looks at the 4km WRF Western WA SLP plot at 20 PDT on Friday one can see the NE of mesocylone, i.e. in Admiralty Inlet and the San Juans, the 925mb (2500 feet) temperature is higher than anywhere else in WWA.

    Cliff mentions this effect in his book (p145) but doesn't have a graphic for it (he shows the windspeed and SLP plot). The air descending from the northern side of the Olympics warms as it's compressed.

    I've not noticed this before (but I presume it happens each time) but it shows up clearly in this forecast.

  4. Wind gust 42 here in Bellingham proper( Eye level-- city influence) Nice evening for a walk and then war of the worlds (old radio version!)

  5. our family went to olympia this evening and the wind was strong enough to make the car swerve. we had gusts to 31 here. what is the criteria for a wind advisory?

  6. Well, you can think about going out on the water if you like wind. :)

  7. I believe Cliff was urging intelligent caution for dangerous conditions.

  8. 946mb low in the gulf of Alaska looks very impressive next week. The only problem is that its days out and who knows if it will even be there in a couple of days, but still very impressive if it comes true. I would sure hate to be on the Alaskan waters when that low comes by.

  9. I was a part of an outdoor Halloween event today from 1-3pm, so I cared a lot about the forecast for today, and I watched it pretty much all week. It was pretty much just "showers" all week. But, in Bellevue/Renton today, there was almost no precip., and there was even a good amount of sunshine. To the north and south though, it was showers all day. So, my questions:
    1. Were we in a rainshadow, and if so, was that picked up in the models?
    2. How long until we can get accurate forecasts in advance for rainshadow events like this? (if that's what it was)

    - thanks


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