Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Looking Better for the Memorial Day Weekend

Well, the forecast is looking up for Memorial Day, so it looks increasingly that you will be able to enjoy that picnic, trip, parade, or other outdoor activity. Not perfect, no heat wave, but good enough, and considerably better than the outlook a few days ago.

But there is a real lesson in this--we have to be within 3-4 days to have some confidence in the forecast. Right now it looks like there will be considerable showers on Friday, with a convergence over the north Sound and lots of showers on the western side of the Cascades.

Saturday will star out with some showers, but by 3 PM, the region will be mainly dry.

Sunday looks good...dry and temperatures well in the 60s. That is the day to plan to main outdoor fun. Clouds increasing later in the day and perhaps showers reaching the coast late in the afternoon.

Monday will have some showers.


Jim said...

Looks like the weather on the east side of the Cascades this weekend will be less than desirable for outdoor fun, especially if your tent is next to a creek. (See NWS Advisory). So, enjoy the time here rather than on the passes!

andycottle said...

We were just over near Leavenworth this past weekend(Thurs/Fri) and did some hiking with a good hiking buddy. Spent the night at Lower Johny Creek campground, and could see that lower Johny creek was up a little and also running a bit faster than the previous weekend. This was probably due to some snow melt and any rains that passed through prior to our trip over there. Thats my guess

Soupman said...

What a nice change to have the weather here coming in from the East instead of the West! It's always nice to mix things up a bit, even if they are still rain clouds.