May 17, 2010

Major Coastal Blow Possible On Wednesday

I will update this more tonight...but an unusually strong low pressure system...and strong winds...will reach our coast on Wednesday. Also strong SE winds over NW Washington. See pressure forecast below for 5 PM on Wednesday. More tonight. The models are still shifting the low position, so there is some uncertainty in this forecast. But if you are on the coast, planning an offshore fishing trip, or living in the region from northern Whidbey Island to the San Juans...keep tuned. And it will be windy over the rest of western Washington.

A lot of isobars!

Here is a wind speed map for 8 PM on Wednesday...sustained winds of roughly 45 kts on the coast, which would mean gusts to 60 or more. Each run has brought the low farther south--which is more threatening. Will see what tonight's forecast indicates.


  1. what is the difference with this storm at this time of year with the unstable atmosphere versus the winter time? Would we get more thunderstorms?

  2. Rats! It has been such a wonderful week and weekend...I need to go out and enjoy the 71 degree evening as it looks to be the last for awhile...

    Last night there was a beautiful sunset as viewed from the Columbia River near the Portland Airport.


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