February 16, 2012

Northwest Weather Workshop: March 2-3

 The Northwest Weather Workshop is the big annual meeting for those interested in Northwest Weather, including professional meteorologists and other all others interested in the topic.   This year it starts on Friday, March 2 at 1 PM and runs through the mid-afternoon on Saturday, March 3.  Location:  the NOAA Sand Point facility in north Seattle.   On Friday we will start by talking about the huge advances in local weather radar observations and then you will hear talks on everything from floods to road weather.   Saturday we get serious about local forecasting and regional weather phenomena.  Friday night there is a special banquet, where well known TV meteorologist and Puget Sound Energy spokesman, Andy Wappler, will talk. 

The draft agenda of the Northwest Weather Workshop is now online at:


and the general meeting page is at:


It is important to register if you want to go.  There is a nominal charge for refreshments and an additional cost if you want to go to the banquet.

Any person can go to the meeting and most talks are quite accessible...although expect a few technically oriented talks mixed in.   The meeting is a great opportunity to talk to a wide cross section of local meteorologists and lay-folk interested in the fascinating weather of our region.

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