October 01, 2019

Snow Coverage: What a Difference a Few Days Make.

 Here are two NASA MODIS images:  one at noon today and one on September 4.  In today's image, most of the white areas are snow.   Montana has been transformed entirely and is  snow covered east of the Rockies. 

Now take a look at the national snow analysis. 

September 25-- virtually nothing.

Last night at 11 PM (snow depth shown).  Huge increase over the whole region.

Locally, Mission Ridge near Wenatchee got over two feet--they could open today if they had the staff (check out the cam today at Midway)

 And there will be more snow, particularly in BC.  Another storm is coming through on Friday, with others to follow.  Here is the accumulated snow forecast through next Tuesday.   A few feet in the BC Coast mountains.   Whistler will be developing a nice early base.


  1. what about us when will we get are first snow cliff plz respond to my question it would make my day

  2. As long as the central BC coast mountains get the precip than they'll get the snow even with high snow levels Many of those mountains north and west of Whistler are well over 10000 feet high including several over 12000 feet and one (Waddington) at over 13000 feet. I was on a flight from Asia a few days ago and we flew over the BC coast mountains and there is already alot of fresh snow on those peaks. A little off topic but I cannot understand why the Canadian goverment doesn't open the region up for tourism. The relief of the terrain is comparable to the Himalayas and the maw of the Homothko and Klinaklini gorges are greater than the Grand Canyon. It would be a tourist attraction comparable on a level of beauty and awe to Yosemite or Denali.

  3. Ummm It is open to tourism Come on up


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