October 08, 2019

Snowstorm in Stevens Pass

You don't have to wait for skiing and snowshoeing....there is a veritable snowstorm going on right now in Stevens Pass.

Snow and slush are covering the roads

And watch this video of what it was like in the pass

And the ski area looks like a winter wonderland.

Right now there is TEN INCHES on the ground and snow is falling at roughly 2 inches and hour:

The reason for this white bounty? Cold, unstable air is moving off the ocean and being forced to rise by the Cascades.

But there is more.  In the central Cascades the snow is being supercharged by an intense Puget Sound convergence zone, produced by converging airstreams form the north and south (see satellite image).  This is a strong one.

So if you want to experience an amazing early snowfall and get some cross skiing in today, head to Stevens Pass.  Want clear skies and sun?  Head to the south Sound.

And one more thing...some of the snow is getting down to 1200 feet, in the eastern suburbs, something reported by Dr. Peter Benda of Bellevue.

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  1. 38.3 degrees in maple valley as of 1:54pm, and hailing extremely hard and in big chunks. Heard some thunder also

  2. Chilly day in NW Bellingham, as well. One pretty good burst of hail and max temp so far of 50.4F at midnight.

  3. Can't wait for these to start sliding south into California. We got some snow back in September, but these last two fronts just brought wind.

  4. Can't wait for the snow. I work for the road department and snow means plowing...and OT.

  5. Brutishly cold up high at 7000 feet for this early in October. 6 degrees F with sustained winds of 22mph in Whistler BC this morning.

  6. Minimum temperature this morning in NW Bellingham was 36.2F.

  7. Yup, we had an overnight low of 26.6 F in Glacier (east Whatcom County near Mt Baker) and the .36" in the gage was frozen. Tonight promises to be colder still. I see the pressure's been climbing.

  8. Minimum temperature this morning in NW Bellingham was 29.3F. This is the first sub-freezing monthly minimum temperature that I've measured during October since my records began, 4 years ago, and a new record low for the date (It looks like, preliminarily, KBLI bottomed out at 30F which would tie the record low for the date). The temperature was at, or below, freezing for at least 8 hours at my location and this is potentially the first October in which a temperature below 30F has been measured at KBLI since that of 2009.

  9. First ground frost of the season at my house on the Mill Creek-Bothell line.

    And 5.1 inches of rain last month. A record?

  10. 29F here in Aumsville OR. :) Jack Frost is finally here!!!!!!!

  11. The snow is heavy enough for skiing. Some caution certainly wouldn’t go amiss. Thanks for the handy update. WeatherNation


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