August 28, 2020

Morning Weather Discussion: Corrected

I take a look at the current smoke situation and note the chance of rain over the northern portions of Washington State  late on Sunday and Monday.  A benign, near-normal situation.  If you are concerned about smoke, avoid eastern Oregon this weekend.  Cascades should be fine.

Here is the video discussion (expand to view full screen)


My blog on the KNKX firing is found here.


  1. I love these--way better than radio and I can tune in when I have the time rather than on someone else's schedule. The visuals are very helpful in context and knowledge--I'm sure it takes s lot of time to organize them, but I really appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. Cliff, would you consider increasing the size (and coloring) your cursor so it shows up better on the Youtube videos? That would help my older eyes follow your "gestures."

  3. Thanks Cliff, I really enjoy your weather discussions!

  4. Thanks for the weather discussion - in all honesty, your web-based broadcast is far better than the radio segments because we can follow along with the graphics. I'm already learning far more about the weather from your webcast forecasts than I did from the radio spots. A great public service!

  5. We are long time followers. We really enjoyed your video discussion. Is there a way we could contribute slome money to help you defray your costs?
    Thank you, Steve and Christy

  6. Thanks Cliff! Great info, much appreciated.


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