November 06, 2020

My New Podcast is Out: Wind and Cooler Temperatures Ahead Plus Where Can You Get the Best Weather Forecast?

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Episode Description

There has been, literally, a 180 degree change in our weather, with warm, moist southerly flow replaced by cool, drier air from the north. Sixty degree temperatures are probably over the the season. I will describe the cool, windy future weather of this weekend and look ahead to the rest of the week.

In my second segment I answer the most asked question I receive: where can one get the best forecast? Which group provides the most skillful predictions? All will be revealed in my podcast!

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  1. Cliff, is there any way you can close caption your podcast for those of us with hearing loss?

  2. Cliff, I tend to agree with your assessment on forecast accuracy. However, what we have seen here in NW Montana is that Accuweather and WU for example tend to way over forecast for snow in the winter for the Valleys. We experience a lot of precipitation shadowing due to the Mountains surrounding us, which can often lead to our Flathead Valley, for example, getting little or no snow, while the Mountains end up with a foot or more. Accuweather routinely includes cities like Whitefish and Kalispell in their NW Montana forecasts, which end up being wrong.

  3. When I downloaded it on pocketcast it did not contain an explanation of a weather feature. Wondered weather or not that was a mistake?

  4. Why is it that so many of our local weather reporters list Mississippi St for their "weather education"?

    1. The online course for broadcast meteorology.


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