December 04, 2020

Why do Temperatures Sometime Warm with Height? Inversions Explained. Plus the Weekend Forecast!

During the autumn, the Northwest is often visited by a strange condition: temperatures WARMING with height.  These features are called inversions and my new podcast will explain why they occur and how you can use inversion knowledge to escape the cold and murk on many autumn days!

And I provide the forecast for this weekend, which actually is not bad for this time of the year.

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  1. Thanks Cliff! Always interesting weather topics. A follow-up question (or two): Do thermal inversions affect precipitation (e.g., rain becoming snow?), and does precipitation affect inversions (e.g., falling water encouraging mixing in the atmosphere)?

  2. Living in the Snoqualmie Valley, I've long wondered why Mount Si is often almost snow-free (aside from the sunny exposure), at 4000 feet, while the passes are deep in snow at as low as 3000 feet.


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