March 26, 2021

New Podcast: Can Human's Alter the Weather? And the Weekend Weather Forecast

It is an age-old hope of mankind:  to control the weather.

And in this podcast, I will answer the question:  can mankind alter the weather?   

Can we weaken or strengthen storms?   And much more.

My podcast also includes the weekend weather forecast for the region, promising a favorable Saturday, a strong front on Sunday, and unusually cool air on Monday.  And some good news for skiers!

Here is my podcast:

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  1. But should we? Despite my complaints, I say no- though we have inadvertently affected it. But do we really want to remove all uncertainty and adventure? Storms, for example, do damage, but also restore part of the natural balance and provide excitement. Wild weather is refreshing. Though no one wants their house removed by a tornado, it would sure be boring if they wanted to ban thunderstorms and actually found a way to do so.

    Humans are already an audacious species. Controlling the weather would further reduce our humility. (Hopefully, we'll never figure out how to... and imagine the liability if we made a storm stronger, for example.) Can we? Maybe. Should we? NO!

  2. I don't think we can alter individual storms, a hurricane has the energy of many nuculear bombs and nuking it wouldn't have much effect on the storm other than making it radioactive. Cloud seeding might generate more rain over a small area but to get a large area of heavy rain you would need a huge number of planes dropping an unfathomable amount of silver iodide into the could. We might be able to weaken a hurricane by seeding the eyewall which cause a larger weaker eye to form. However, when the eye wall enlarges there is still the same amount of wind energy its just spread over a bigger area and its debateable whether a larger area of moderate wind damage is worse than a small area of sever wind damage. I have heard of putting blankets over the ocean in front of a hurricane but once again this would take a huge amount of materials the blanket would need to cover an area 100+ miles across. When it comes to climate we are changing earths weather we are creating a warmer wetter stormier world. Even though rainfall is increasing in most spots there are a few locations where rainfall is decreasing and in many spots evaporation is increasing faster than rainfall so it feels drier.

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  5. Yes it's called HAARP which during periods of severe or stuck weather energy 'spikes' show it being heavily in use far more then for their so called 'expirements' they claim to do by student funding. They have far more power in them then required.

    Whomever says that HARRP is just a small experimental facility is either lying to you or is dumb and reading off of something or both.


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