April 09, 2021

New Podcast. Frost to heat this week, plus an in-depth look at the effects of the weakening La Nina.

 A strong front is approaching the Washington coast as I write this, with well-below normal temperatures behind it.    The revenge of La Nina.

Rain will spread across the region later today with strong winds buffeting western Washington and the Cascades.

Forecast of sea level pressure and low-level temperatures at 8 PM tonight (Friday).  Blue is cold air and the blue line indicates the frontal location

The air behind the front will be unusually cool for this time of the year, dropping snow levels below 1000 ft.  6-12 inches of snow in the Cascades on Friday night and Saturday morning. Expect frost on Sunday morning.

But then everything shifts, with a veritable heatwave later this week.

My podcast (see below) will describe the details of this stunning change in our weather, plus a more in-depth examination of the effects of the collapsing La Nina in the tropical Pacific.

Here is my podcast:

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The Northwest Weather Workshop, the annual gathering to talk about Northwest weather, climate, and major meteorological events, will take place on May 1, 2021. This year we will have a special session on the meteorology of the September 2020 regional wildfires. The meeting will be online. More information, the agenda, and registration information is found here: https://atmos.uw.edu/pnww/

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  1. I am very "Bee conscious", and I have noticed that this year, the Bumblebees did not show up until maybe two weeks ago...they are usually the first wave of bees, usually debuting in February...unfortunately, those nasty wasps(aka yellow jackets) are showing up now too!...I wonder how the Murder Hornets are dealing with this weather...very badly, I hope.


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