September 24, 2021

Weather Signs over our Mountains and a Wet Week Ahead--All in My New Podcast

Weather and climate modelers like myself use a lot of technology for weather prediction, and that technology has become very capable.

But we should not forget that there is a lot of information available by simply being a good observer and my podcast will give you a prime local example:  "cap clouds" over our major mountain peaks.

Cap Cloud over Mount Hood.  Courtesy of Steve Rawley

My podcast will explain why cap clouds and lenticular clouds are often a potent sign of upcoming clouds and precipitation.

And my podcast will also supply the latest forecast, describing the warm weather today and Saturday, followed by an extended decline into clouds and rain.  The totals over the next week will be substantial, with over five inches in the Olympics, North Cascades and the mountains of southwest BC (see total below).  Wow.

You can listen to the podcast below or through your favorite podcast server.

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  1. “You say the sky is red and lowering, tomorrow will be fair”. (Jesus)

  2. Hey Cliff - love your podcast. Listen to it every week. Great info and live learning about the weekly weather phenomena. Could I make one suggestion though? It would be great if you could keep the loudness of your voice a little more even. I suspect you are trying to make your talk dramatic and interesting, but what happens is that you are nearly impossible to hear when you are talking quietly and you are blowing out the speakers when you talk loudly. And this is tru across my car stereo, my ear pods and my PC speakers. I’d love your podcast even more if you had a more even volume level and I could hear everything you are saying more easily! Thanks!

    1. I agree. Love the podcast, but I would like to be able to hear it more clearly.

  3. There was a pretty significant inversion Saturday morning on Mt. Rainier. We showed up at dawn to take advantage of (what may be) the last nice day of the year. The weather was clear up and down with only patchy valley fog. The temperature in the White River valley was mid 40s, so we expected high 30s when we got to Sunrise. To our surprise, we found 15 minutes later that it was mid 50s at 6400 ft.

    It was a pleasure to enjoy a nice stable atmosphere before the fire hose turns at us tonight. The chipmunks were busily gathering more food for their larders. We cheered them on and told them that snow would be coming tomorrow. They didn't seem to care either way.

  4. So here's where we headed:

    A direct call for the enviros to target critical infrastructure, all in the name of Climate Change. How many times have the activists been caught trying to derail trains near Bellingham? This is utter madness.


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