April 08, 2009

The Transition

The Seattle Profiler shows the transition to marine air very nicely...(image). You can see the easterly and northerly flow on Tuesday)when it was warm and the change to strong southeries and cooler temps as the marine air came in.


  1. Hello Cliff and friends, right now the local ski areas are offering great discounts on season passes for next winter . What do we know about winter 09/10? LaNina, neutral, El Nino? How far in advance can these things be predicted? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

  2. Cliff, How do you interpret these prolifer graphics? they look like a bunch of lines and squiggles to me.

  3. Rob,
    The lines are temperatures, the x axis is time in UTC (same as GMT), and the ordinate (y axis is height). Wind are plotted with the flags. So you can see how conditions have changed above Seattle in time...cliff

  4. On This Day, April 09, In 1988, Residents Of Sioux City, Iowa Awoke To Find Two Inches Of Snow On The Ground Following A Record High Temperature Of 88 Degrees The Previous Afternoon.


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