April 16, 2009

A weak cold front, then warmth

The forecast is right on track...and the track is going in the right direction. A weak cold front is now crossing western Washington (see satellite image and radar), with showers now spreading into the region. This evening and the early morning will be wet (see forecast for 4 AM)..with the steady frontal showers finished by midmorning. Then as we are so used to, a Puget Sound convergence zone will form over Snohomish county during the afternoon. Highs in the mid to upper 50s.
Saturday will be the transition day--mostly sunny with temps moving into the lower 60s. But Sunday will be wonderful, sunny with temps reaching into the 70s (see model graphics). And Monday should be the same. It won't last though..with a front and MUCH colder air moving in on Tuesday.


  1. Cliff,
    Do you think we're past the frost danger for this year yet? I'm dying to start planting but I don't want to blow it if we expect another really cold night or two.

    By "we", I mean "Bellevue". :-)


  2. I`m think`n more like a few showers behind the front tomorrow. Actually have been think`n that since the last several days.

    But yeah, Sat looks really good with high pressure in place with highs warming into the 60`s to maybe 70 Sat, but better chance at 70`s for highs on Sun/Mon.

    Sat is certainly looking like a pretty good day to be outside, and yep, you guessed it, I`ll be doing more hiking at Tiger Mountain that day. :D

    But tomorrow, I`m gona go to REI and get/find me a better rain jacket that actually keeps you dry when it`s REALLY raining out. The one I have now is good, but only for the light showers here/ there.

  3. Sunshine everyone! Sunny here in Woodinville with temp of 61. Went to REI and got my Marmot rain pants/ hat/ jacket. I`m good now for rainy weather. That is...STAYING DRY in the rain.

    Anyway, here`s to more sunshine!:D

  4. I didn't see any frost, but it was 32 this morning in Olympia.

  5. Cliff, I was planning on a road trip to go hiking on Monday... will the weather still be bad then? Should I reschedule?


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