December 05, 2009

Saturday Night Update: Snow Reports

Snow began late this afternoon on the eastern Cascade slopes. During the past few hours a band of light precipitation, associated with a switch to easterly flow aloft, has moved into the lowlands (see radar image above).
Winds aloft over Seattle...time increases to the left. Height in meters. Last two hours show easterly flow.

Several stations have reported snow...Paine Field in Everett, a commentor in Mukilteo, Whidbey Island Naval Air station, Gray Field near Tacoma, among others. Tacoma reported rain. Increasing NE winds are pushing out of the Fraser River Valley...with flow moving toward the NE Olympics.


  1. This afternoon, I bicycled from Green Lake to and from Redmond via the Burke-Gilman and Sammamish River trials.

    On both the out-going and return trips throughout the afternoon there were locations with frost and wet/icy spots in the more shaded locations. There was also frost still on the north facing roof tops late afternoon near Matthews Beach Park.

    When I started around noon near Green Lake, where 76th street meets W. Green Lake Dr N, the street while wet looking actually had ice. As I turned left (after stopping) onto W. Green Lake Dr N. the bicycle slipped, but automatic reflexes took over with the left foot kicking outwards and balance was maintained. It all happened too fast to think it through, reflexes saved the day. So be careful on those wet spots, especially where there is shade.

  2. It snowed about 1/2" here in Sequim this evening. It has stopped and looks like it's done for the time being.

  3. It snowed about 1/2" here in Sequim this evening. It has stopped and looks like it's done for the time being.

  4. Radar echoes looked promising tonight but I see the moon fading through and flurry action stopped here NW Yakima. Barely enough to consider snow. Even less than I expected.

    Too bad we didn't get enough fluffy stuff because it is so unusual here to have a wind to drift snow. Very bizarre NE winds, even considering the set up. Ave 24.8 mph, gust of 32. Only 27.5F though

  5. snow from Castle Rock to Toledo along I-5

  6. I was expecting major cold this past night, but when I rose an hour , the outside temperature was 5 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time ( I am in Bryant )... Looks like the major cold is tonight.

  7. east woodinville elevation 500'. 33 degrees this morning, though dry and icy. Northeast wind - 10-15mph max. I was expecting lower temps. I can see mt. index from here; looks like it is precipitating up there.

  8. There has been really light snow in Maple Valley this morning, with significantly warmer temps than yesterday.

    Wind from the east starting to pick up a bit.

  9. Didn't the easterly flow aloft (downslope) add to the relatively warmer temperatures last night?


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