July 08, 2010

The Changes Have Begun

Today was a scorcher, but tomorrow (Friday) should be a few degrees cooler...still hot, but a bit more tolerable.

The thermal trough has now jumped into eastern Washington and there is now a weak onshore pressure gradient...which will push somewhat cooler air into western Washington.

Sea Tac Airport is 3 degrees cooler than the same time last night.

The Sand Point Profiler winds show a tremendous change (see graphic). This figure shows you how the winds above Seattle have changed in time. Time in GMT increases to the left and the heights are meters.

The warm easterly winds are gone and the winds aloft are now southwesterly, with northwesterly winds at low levels. These are much cooler wind directions this time of the year.T here is NOT going to be a major marine push tonight and thus you will have to be girded for one more hot day. Want cool? Head to the coast, where low clouds and temps in the 60s will be the rule.

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  1. My customers kept gushing about the "nice weather" today. I had to remind them that no one ever died of drizzlestroke...

    (Yeah, yeah, I've been in the Northwest too long :-))


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