July 09, 2010

Maybe not so cool

Although some forecast outlets are going for a major cool-down into the 70s from todays 93F....it is looking more and more that it is going to be much warmer tomorrow than expected. At the point I would predict low to mid 80s...and 84F would be a good number for Sea Tac.

Why do I say that? The onshore push tonight will be exceedingly weak...that is evident by the lack of an onshore pressure difference. The clouds moving in overhead will work against nighttime cooling. Computer models only suggest a modest cool down aloft. And the thin stratus deck offshore evaporated this afternoon. There will be very limited low clouds tomorrow am. So plenty of sun through the remnant of the middle level clouds moving through aloft. So don't get rid of your fans yet....in fact, I purchased one tonight myself! (Sales tip...Rite Aid has a sale on fans)

With the middle level clouds, somewhat more humid air, and lack of wind, it really feels like an East Coast summer tonight...yes, not quite as sticky...but it is reminiscent.

Sunday will be a step down, with a far greater chance for morning low clouds. But they will probably burn off by mid-day and temps should climb into the mid-70s.


  1. Probcast for 98008 is calling for 85 tomorrow (completely agreeing with you) but it's calling for 89 on Sunday (my birthday). What gives??

    Predicted nighttime lows are 59-57-59 which would be lovely, if we get there. Last night stuck at 62 here and that's just not nearly as good as the 58 Probcast called for (though 62 WAS in their range, to be fair).

    Is the Sunday range of 84-93 really right? Guess I *will* go get my free birthday Slurpee at 7-11 Sunday... hint: they are free for everyone that day, not just for me. ;-)

  2. I kept telling my kids that if the heat wave continued into the weekend, we would hit Birch Bay waterslides on Saturday. This morning the forecast was on track for a trip cancellation and thanks to you blog being right there on my igoogle page, trip is back on & my kids are very happy. We all thank you!

  3. And at 4:30 am in West Seattle .. it's raining.

  4. Yup I called it and I am no meteorologist.

  5. Another warm day with very sunny skies as some very early mid level clouds. Had a high of 85 here in Woodinville atop Hollywood hill.

    Went hiking up at Longmire Mt.Rainier today, and was a great day to be hiking with a view or two of the mountain, though a few mountain stratus clouds were hiding the top of Rainier.

  6. It sure went from cold to hot without any intervening normal.

    But then I realize that if it's 65 one day and 85 the next, since our normal temp is about 75 now, you could just say it was a two day stretch of average temeratures.


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