July 03, 2010

Will the Fireworks Be Washed Out?

Tomorrow night I plan on watching the Seattle fireworks from the top of my building at the UW and one piece of essential equipment will come with me....my umbrella.

A weak front is approaching now, as seen in the latest satellite imagery (above). This system will move into western Washington tomorrow afternoon (bring some light showers mainly over the northern half of the State) and behind it there is a good chance of a Puget Sound convergence zone over the city (see image of three hour rainfall ending at 8 PM and 11 PM). So fireworks in other places should be fine, but in central PS, light rain might dampen the festivities.

But this will be the end of it...on Monday we start transitioning to a much warmer, drier pattern.


  1. Bellevue fireworks viewers lucked out... the rain stopped a few hours before the 10:05 show began, and ten minutes after the grand finale (about a minute before we got back to our car) the showers began again.

    OK, my tomatoes and I are READY FOR SOME SUMMER now, please.

  2. Boy, as we keep getting closer to Weds-Thurs forecast, it just seems to be getting hotter and hotter for Lacey, WA.

    93 is the forecast high for Thursday in Lacey. Summer is running to the doorstep! :)

  3. Seattle fireworks lucked out too. A little drizzle a couple of hours before, then no precipitation until a half hour after the finale.


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