September 13, 2012

Fire Smoke Spreads Westward

Both satellite imagery and visible reports have shown something that is relatively unusual---smoke form eastern Washington fires spreading westward over western WA.  Here is a sequence of visible satellite images showing this, followed by a high res MODIS satellite image...really obvious:

 The strong easterly flow was seen in the winds measured by the Sand Point profiler over N. Seattle:

Among the reports was one from a glider pilot east of Lake Sammamish (Bruce Williams), who took an amazing picture from the air showing the smoke:


  1. Yep. It was definitely noticeable in the "pink" sunrise this morning.

  2. When I saw the GOES West image of the Cascade Creek fire yesterday, I thought Mount Adams had erupted...

  3. Thank you for that post! in the San Juans yesterday you could hardly see the Olympics, and the daylight was visibly orange. I spent a lot of time on the web looking for fire reports from the Olympics or Vancouver Isl, but nothing that would explain it. I hoped you would, and you did!

  4. Creo que la imágen desde la cabina del piloto impresiona más que las de satélite.

    Un saludo desde España,

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  5. Down here in eastern Lewis County, day before yesterday (Wed.) the sky was a solid lemon yellow color. The light was very weird, ominous and creepy.

    Yesterday was a lot nicer. Blue skies and white clouds.

  6. PS: I'm at about the 600 foot level. Wednesday morning my neighbors further up the hill had a bit of frost!


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