September 24, 2012

My Dog Leah

 As many of you know, my dog Leah was lost by a Seattle pet nanny almost exactly a year ago.  I asked the help of readers of this blog, and the response was extraordinary.  I cannot thank all of you enough...those who emailed me, offered tips, noted sightings of similar dogs.  I believe we came to close to finding her, with many reports around Mountlake Terrace (she was lost in NW Seattle).

Unfortunately, we have never found her.   Either she was unable to survive on her own or someone took her in and decided to keep her.  I hope it is the later.  So if you do see a dog very much like her, please let me know.  She is microchipped.

This situation has taught me a lot, including about the dedication of animal lovers of the area.  MissingPetPartnership was particularly helpful and deserving of your support, including volunteers that were willing to wave signs at intersections during cold weather.  It also has shown me that we need better ways for coordinating information about lost pets in the region, and as I mentioned in an earlier blog, smartphone apps whereby folks could take a picture of lost animals and get it to folks who could use the information effectively.

Again, thanks to all of you that provided your encouraging comments, tips, and help.  It has meant a lot to me and my family...cliff


  1. She's still on my visual radar, Cliff; we live in Brier quite near some the places she was reportedly sighted. For months, I carried a small leash in my van in case I spotted her and might've been able to entice her with a small treat and a kind voice. I entered your number in my cell phone contacts too, just in case...

    I think it is quite likely she has found a new home, even with the microchip identifier.

    P.S. My family has a long-ago connection to yours through the Wedgwood Coop Preschool, circa 1986!

  2. 2 things. I can't find the story, but there was a Katrina dog, missing for 7 years, that was found wandering on a road side, alive and well [needing some dental work only]. Then there was my mother-in-laws cat, missing for 10 days. She'd finally given up and started putting away the cat toys. She found the cat in a cupboard, very hungry and thirsty, but alive and well [vet visit confirmed]. It's hard after a year, but keep your mind open to hope.

  3. My best to you and your family. I continue to hope, that some way, some how, you can be reunited with your beloved dog Leah. Thank you for sharing your story about Leah.

  4. Don't vets test microchips? Pretty sure mine have, at least for confirmation on a first visit.

  5. I'm really sorry this wasn't a happier update. I live in Brier and am always keeping an eye out for Leah, and will continue to do so.

  6. Never, ever give up ~ without making yourself crazy, of course. There are so many stories out there about dogs that have gone *missing* for extraordinary amounts of time and then been found. I have been so heartened by 'Life with Dogs' on f'book, tis here:
    They are constantly sharing stories about dogs showing up after long absences.
    In the meantime I am wondering, what measures has that pet nanny taken to insure no further losses? How IN THE WORLD did this ever happen to begin with????

  7. Cliff,
    So sorry things did not work out better. You are admired for many things. Add to that list Loyalty, Optimism and Caring. I hope you and your family find a new 4 legged family member to shower with those qualities.


  8. Sorry to hear it, Cliff. Someone should come up with a new product to supplement microchips - a mini-GPS locator for pet collars.

  9. Cliff: I sympathize with you. We have grieved over a lost pet. Your extended discussion of this painful episode has taught me a lot. Thanks, Don

  10. It's astonishing that that particular pet nanny is still in business. I'm so sorry your dog's still missing and hope that she someday becomes one of those heartwarming pet-comes-home stories too. Always have an eye out for her while driving in that area.

  11. I don't even LIKE dogs very much but I am always looking for her because I'm so touched by your devotion. I live in Bellevue but in a year, a dog can travel a long way, especially if "helped" by a human or two.


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