September 05, 2013

10 PM Update

This event is far from over, but it is clear is won't disappoint active weather lovers.  As I write this, it is thundering and lightning outside and moderate rain is falling.  Heaven.

There has been massive amounts of lightning during the past six hours, literally thousands of strikes throughout the Northwest.  Here is a sample of lightning strikes for the 1/2 hrs ending at 9 PM and 4 PM today (Thursday).  Massive amounts for our region.

And take a look at the 12h rainfall totals ending at 10 PM (graphic).  1-2 inches in the southern Cascades and 1.61 inch in Shelton, where an intense thunderstorm hit earlier today.  The Willamette Valley, hit by strong thunderstorms, had several locations with 1-2 inches.  Much more is coming.

The 10 PM radar shows a massive shield of heavy rain (yellow and reds)

It is going to be a wet night.  Some urban flooding and power outages have already occurred over SW Washington.   The models have done extraordinarily well for this a future blog I will tell you why I think this is so.



    Took that looking NE from Fort Warden in Port Townsend just before 9PM.

  2. I'm just glad that I don't have to irrigate my sapling cherry tree this week! Let's hope I don't have to pick it up off the ground, either.

  3. I think we've had more lightning in the past 18 hours than we have in most entire decades here.

  4. You're either sleeping like a child, or you have your noise pressed against the window pane as a child would....sweet dreams Mr Weather

  5. What's up? I'm in Oly, and have kept up a watch on LGX. All weather has been moving due West, with a bit of North, all day long. Very consistent. My station has been reporting precip rates of over 2 inches per hour at times. Last 4 hours have seen 2.2 inches into the gauge. Suddenly, when I checked LGX just now, I see that the entire system has ceased moving West, and begun a distinct counterclockwise rotation, with center over Seattle! Cliff, what is going on with this system?! Why 10 hours of drawn-with-a-ruler linear movement, then suddenly, circulation looking about like an extra-tropical cyclone appears!? Huh?

  6. I am a lifetime Puget Sounder, have never seen a storm like this. Wonderful fun in Redmond WA but I had to roll over and get to sleep.

    Blogger in Vancouver reports 3 horses killed while standing under a tree which was struck by lightning :-(

  7. 4.19 inches of rain (7am to 7am) in Winlock. Precip began in earnest at about 1700 hrs.


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