September 15, 2013

Thunderstorms are Back

Several convective (thunderstorm) lines are moving through western Washington around 6 PM on Sunday (see radar)

These bands are associated with considerable lightning and thunder (see lightning strikes for roughly the same hour below).  But far more impressive are the storms moving northward from eastern Oregon into eastern Washington right now.

 The latest forecasts of the NOAA HRRR model shows that western Washington thunderstorms moving northward during the next few hours (see graphic below), and the eastern Washington thunderstorms giving the eastern side of the state a good drenching.

So central Puget Sound should start drying out by 7-7:15 PM--a relief to Seahawks fans.

As an aside, I went mountain biking on Amabalis Mt. east of Snoqualmie Pass today... temperatures reached the lower 80s at the base of the mountain.  Sunny, warm...wonderful.  Headed back into the pass for clouds and 60s. 


  1. I'm watching the 49'ers play the Seahawks right now and they just put the game into delay due to weather. Obviously that was the right call with the lightning. But I was getting a kick out of the sports announcer trying to discuss the radar display. Very amusing.

  2. It was a spectacular show. It made the birthday celebration of our twenty something sons very interesting. It was originally planned to be a barbecue over a week ago when the whether was sunny, but switched to the oven. We just hoped the power did not go out.

    We saw many lightning bolts, and the house shook a few times. The power stayed on. But there were sounds of emergency vehicle sirens in the background.

    (sorry if this is a duplicate comment, I don't know if the first one went through)

  3. Is it just me or do there seem to be a lot more thunderstorms than there used to be? I've been here since 1979 and it seems like we only used to get them once or twice a year, now frequent.

  4. Amazing roll clouds west of Washington, DC, today: Capital Weather Gang Blog Sept 16

    That was pretty amazing lightning last night. Bolt struck across the street from us; kids said my hair "was funny" -- I was standing at the open kitchen window. Quite the adrenaline rush!

  5. I have the same observation, the thunderstorms here are more frequent and last much longer this summer than previous years. I have lived here since 1987.
    Global weather change ?

  6. Are you going to call this the 49er's storm of 2013.

    good to see the profiler still doing well.

  7. Wonderful storm. We muted the Seahawk game, opened the windows and enjoyed. Cliff, is this a trend with so many T-Storms or a unique end of Summer?


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