July 04, 2014

Emergency Forecast Update: Rain hitting NW Washington

A weak warm-frontal feature is turning out to be stronger than expected and some of you may experience rain TONIGHT.    Some in NW Washington are already getting wet.

Here is the latest radar imagery (just before 5 PM).  It is raining now from the San Juans to the northern Washington coast (rain was observed at Qullayute, Friday Harbor, and Whidbey Island Naval Air Station).

A blow up image from the Langley radar shows the coastal details:  the band weakens to the south.

This band is moving eastward and some showers should move into Bellingham and as far south as Seattle.   The latest visible satellite imagery shows how western Washington has clouded up with with disturbance:

This band is timed well (poorly) to bring some light rain to many July 4th barbecues in NW Washington but it appears that i will push through before the fireworks.

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  1. Not the greatest Seattle forecasting the last couple of days, I guess... but, hey, at least it was warm...


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