May 25, 2024

New Podcast: Memorial Day Weekend Forecast and More on Western Washington Wildfires

This weekend will be a mixed bag west of the Cascade Crest but warm over eastern Washington. 

The predicted high temperatures for the next few days are shown below.  Today (Saturday) will be cool in the west, frigid in the mountains, and comfortable in the Columbia Basin.

Sunday says cool in the west, while eastern Washington warms considerably.

Monday is the best day.  Decent over the western lowlands, warm enough for hiking in the Cascades, and downright warm in eastern Washington.

I talk about the forecast in some detail in my podcast (see below), and discuss the apocryphal forecasts of enhanced western Washington wildfire threats this summer.

You can listen to the podcast below or through your favorite podcast server.

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  1. I love this cool wet weather and how green the Douglas Firs become. I have missed cool wet springs. I would like it to stay cool and wet until the 4th of July. Please don't hate me for it. I just love what this place was like when I first came here. Cool, damp, and unbelievably green.

    1. The climate are weather is exactly the same as it was when you first came here. But people age and change, and their minds play tricks on them.

  2. Thank You Cliff.....
    As a Columbia Gorge person in the summer and an Alta, Ut. person in the winter I follow and
    live by forecasts....You are spot on. Victor Roy is our local wind "expert".... Victor the Inflictor.
    I would love to listen to a podcast with the two of you discussing weather, trends, and most especially wind. Keep up the strong work.

  3. Curious question. I've lived here for 13 years now, and have seen plenty of variation from year to year. But it seems unusual to me the fact that the national weather service predicted April and May to be above (or perhaps it was "much above") normal temperature-wise, and they were not only inaccurate in that- it was pretty far off. I know April had 20 of the 30 days below normal (with many of them being 10+ degrees below normal for highs), and May seems to be very similar.

    I don't remember a year this late into the season where we are continually dealing with frequent highs in the 50's, with occasional bumps up into the 60's approaching normal (which feels like heat waves this year), before bouncing right back down to 10+ degrees below normal.

    The forecasts as we look ahead, show June/July/August being above normal. What are your thoughts, Cliff, on those? Do you see the cooler than average weather holding on, or are we likely to see that pattern break soon here, getting to more seasonal (or even above) temperatures as we get beyond the first few days of June?


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