March 23, 2020

Amazing Rainier Mountain Wave Video On BING

There is an extraordinary video on the front page of BING right now (

Gorgeous, multi-level lenticular clouds.

Watch it carefully.     There is a multi-level stack of several lenticular (mountain wave) clouds, reflecting the complex structure of moisture approaching the mountain.

You can see how turbulent the lower portion of the lenticular cloud stack is.

Thanks to Professor Arthur Nowell for bringing this video to my attention.


  1. Spectacular image! Not only the clouds, but also the composition, lighting, and colors. Just great.

  2. Shooting time lapse of Mt Rainier is never boring. With so many different views, sometimes it's hard to decide which one to do!

  3. Cliff,

    Lenticular--my favorite! It's beautiful to watch, amazing in hhow it develops, and a wonder of nature.

  4. I really like this format, hopefully other do also and you will continue this. FYI, I'm a private pilot in the PNW and so kind of a geek about weather!


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