September 25, 2020

New Podcast on the Latest Forecast and Atmospheric RIvers


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Episode Description

In this podcast, I talk about the heavy rain this morning, the improvement over the weekend (Sunday will be the best day), and the major ridge of high pressure that will bring warmth and dry conditions.  Yes...even to 80F in western WA.  Then I give you a tutorial about atmospheric rivers, a fascinating phenomenon that can bring heavy rain and flooding to our region.

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Coming Next Week

In my next podcast I will probably talk about climate change in the Northwest.
And I plan a major blog on my situation with KNKX (some background information here) and discuss why they rejected key foundations of freedom of speech and diversity of viewpoint that are critical for maintaining our democracy.

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  1. Hey Cliff,
    In a future podcast I would love to learn more about the technology that made the discovery of atmospheric rivers possible (I'm assuming they weren't identified as a specific weather event until satellite imagery/sensors made it possible)

    1. Yes, that sounds worthwhile. For what it's worth, many of the pilots I've known over the years think (and speak) about flight in terms of "swimming" in the different currents, etc. I've often wondered how-if pilots' observations (including airplane radar and other instruments) are tied-in to ground-based and satellite weather measurement and records.

  2. As always, your forecast was accurate and the heavy rains delivered by this most recent atmospheric river seem to have come to an end here near Mt Baker. This morning's 24-hr measurement was .98", down from 2.33" the morning before. Q - What's the best satellite link to use for viewing the cloud patterns farther west, mid-Pacific? Good podcast!

  3. 1/ I may have spoken too soon - still raining in the mountains. But we have a dry spell ahead? Good-o.

  4. for discussion of atmospheric rivers, see:

  5. Curious if you have reviewed this paper?


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