May 07, 2021

New Podcast. Why do we have showers and sunbreaks during the spring? And a favorable Mother's Day forecast.

The visible satellite today is a spring-time classic, convective showers with lots of sun breaks over the Pacific and sections of western Washington, a Puget Sound convergence zone over the north Sound, and sunny skies over eastern Washington.

The weather radar at the same time (10 AM), clearly shows the showers around the coast and southwest Washington, with an impressive convergence zone north of Seattle,

Springtime showers and sun breaks like this are not unusual and are a major component of Northwest weather.  Why do we get these showers?  My podcast explains.

A trough of low pressure is over us right now (see below), but should move out by Sunday.  The result will be an improving weather trend, something I discuss in the first portion of the podcast.

Here is my podcast:

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