October 15, 2021

The Columbus Day Storm and Stormy Weather Ahead: All in My Latest Podcast!

This week marked the anniversary of the great Columbus Day Storm, which occurred on October 12, 1962.

Probably the most powerful non-tropical storm to hit the lower-48 states in 100 years.

Unpredicted the day before, the Columbus Day Storm brought gusts above 100 mph across the region, and the storm had a remarkable origin.

I provide the fascinating details about the storm in my podcast (see below)

But there is more.  My podcast begins with the latest weather forecast....and it is a mixed bag...with heavy rainfall over the Olympics and North Cascades over the weekend, and a strong front moving through Sunday morning.  Saturday will be the better day.

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  1. Hi Cliff,
    Thanks for putting together these podcasts, I listen to them every week. In regard to there being no other storm that has come close since the Columbus Day Storm, wasn't the major windstorm of Dec. 12, 1995 at least a contender in terms of depth? That storm deepened all the way to 953mb right off the SW Washington coast, but the winds didn't compare to the fierce tempest of the Oct. 12 1962. It was however the first windstorm I remember experiencing at the age of 5. Curious what your thoughts are in regard to the 1995 storm.

  2. Thank you sir, for mentioning the defining weather event of my life!...I was 15yo, trying to deliver newspapers in N. Seattle, when that monster storm hit...for those interested, a professor based in BC, Wolf Read, has a very extensive, detailed summary of that amazing, unique storm--in fact, he has analyzed many other NW storms of the last 100 years or so. Now Iam 74 years old and when I try to explain that storm to other folks, they think I am exaggerating. No respect for the elderly!..lol.

  3. Thank you Mr. Mass for this weeks episode. I was 7 and living in Tacoma in 1962. Even at such a young age I do remember this storm. My Mom & Dad were amateur radio (Ham) operators and they got some warnings as to what lay ahead. Thanks again & keep em coming.

  4. Thank you Mr. Mass for this weeks episode. I was 7 yrs old and living in Tacoma in 1962. At such a young age I do remember this storm. My Mom & Dad were/are amateur radio (Ham) operators and got some warning from their colleagues down south. Thanks again and keep em coming.

  5. I remember this storm, my dad and neighbors where all gone hunting. My mom made me come in the house. Have experienced all wind storms since then. Inauguration day storm was pretty good one.

  6. Wondering if you have any information about the solar minimum were now going into.

  7. has anyone seen the ECMWF model for monday the 25th to tuesday the 26th? the gfs model is also showing a major storm forming. hopefully this is a good year for storms.


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