October 29, 2021

Why are there atmospheric rivers? And a very pleasant weekend ahead. All in my lates podcast!

Atmospheric rivers bring plumes of moisture to the West Coast and often heavy precipitation.

But why do atmospheric rivers exist?  What conditions create them?   

All is revealed in my latest podcast (see below).

A satellite view of the moisture associated with Thursday's potent atmospheric river

And the podcast also provides the forecast for the next week, including the critical day of Halloween when little goblins are making their rounds.

You can listen to the podcast below or through your favorite podcast server.

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An Important Message for Seattle Voters


The Second Edition of My Northwest Weather Book is Now Available!

My new book is greatly improved and expanded over the first edition, with new chapters on the meteorology of Northwest wildfires and the weather of British Columbia.  A completely revamped chapter on the effects of global warming on our region.  And it has been brought up to date with recent weather events and the imagery is improved greatly.

Where can you get it?

Local bookstores, such as the University of Washington bookstore.  The UW Bookstore has just received several dozen copies.

Or secure a copy from the publisher:  UW Press.

Or Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park or Seattle.

And yes, there are online sellers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


  1. Be sure to have it at Island Books on Mercer Island!

  2. Under the heading of "better late than never" -

    Want to tell who's really an environmentalist, as opposed to someone who just wants to wipe out anyone disagreeing with their insane demands to give up all of your means of sustenance? Ask them about their stance on nuclear power, and if they disapprove of it, please enumerate exactly why.


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