December 17, 2021

La Nina Begins to Influence Our Weather, and the Latest Forecast: All in My New Podcast

Starting sometime around mid-December, the effects of La Nina typically start to take hold, modifying the weather patterns of the northeast Pacific.  

We are starting to see this now.  The major characteristic is an upper-level ridge of high pressure over the eastern Pacific, with cool northerly flow over the  West Coast, not unlike seen in the upper-level (500 hPa, about 18,000 ft) map for 1 AM this morning (see below)

My podcast will tell you about this expected pattern, and its implications for our weather this winter.  And I will describe how La Ninas can produce warmer than normal conditions over the eastern U.S.

But before I describe all this, I will provide you with the forecast for the next week, which will be cool and wet, with loads of snow in the mountains, and a chance of lowland snow in the Bellingham area.

You can listen to the podcast below or through your favorite podcast server.

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  1. Are there patterns of what summer season weather following La Nina winters might be?

  2. Replies
    1. No. As far as I know, this La Nina/El Nino is normal fluctuations that occur yearly and have likely for eons, but the intensity may be warming related to an extent. Be aware that not everything we are experiencing is related to global warming, but due to the nature of living in a Mediterranean climate.

    2. We are having windy conditions, seems to be coming from the north as my back door was pushed open, obviously it was not fully latched and was locked even.

      The sun is kind of peaking out here a tad, but cloudy otherwise in Tacoma right now at 10:17AM Saturday.

    3. No...Grand solar minimum is the cause

  3. Yeah Holly, everything that occurs with the weather, no matter how trivial, is always, ALWAYS caused by global warming.

    1. Global warming is a scare tactic used by elites to control the masses. Al gore said back in 2007 in three years we would all be dead due warming by 2012...

  4. Prof. Mass, it is about 1150 Saturday morning. Radar is showing very heavy rain over Sequim. Not the usual rain shadow they get. What caused this?

  5. Thank you Eric Blair. You saved me a response!👍


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