December 16, 2022

Extremely High Surface Pressure, Much Colder Temperatures, and Potential Light Lowland Snow

 The operative word for the next few days will be cold, particularly east of the Cascade crest.

But there are two side effects of cold:  very high surface/sea level pressure and the potential for lowland snow.

In the second segment of the podcast, I note the extreme high pressure moving down the eastern side of the Rockies, eastern WA we will get a "piece" of the high-pressure action (see the sea level pressure forecast for next Thursday shown below).  1054 hPa!

But as noted in the podcast, the impressive high pressure does not beat the U.S. record (1064 hPa in 1983).

My podcast starts with the forecast.  The big action this weekend will be late Saturday and Sunday as a cold front moves southward through Washington State.  There is be both rain and snow showers, with the former dominating near sea level.
The 24-h snowfall total ending 4 PM Sunday is shown below. The most lowland snow will be over Northwest WA, where cool air jetting out of the Fraser River Valley is significant.

There is another chance for snow on Tuesday--more on that in the podcast.

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  1. Light flurries in S Bellingham at 10 am.

  2. BPA wind came off the base line Sat morning; but too late to save your ice cream!

  3. Dr. Cliff Mass, please drill down on the impacts to transit...Seattle Drivers are notoriously unprepared to drive in snow.


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