February 05, 2023

New Podcast: A Wet Week Ahead and the Two Types of Rain (And Another Cold Spell Looms)

 My podcast today starts with a wet forecast, with several systems coming through before Saturday morning (see total precipitation below).  Over 5 inches in many locations!

The temperatures will be cool enough that the mountains will get LOTS of snow.  Feet of the white stuff (see below).   I suspect our snowpack will be generally above normal by next weekend.

In the second part of the podcast, I talk about the two types of rain we experience.  As I explain, most of our rain starts as snow.  But sometimes this is not true.   Details in the podcast!

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  1. Nice to see the possible cold weather on the horizon. Freezing nights and sunny days above freezing are perfect for sap flow. I am boiling down sap from my Big Leaf Maples and making maple syrup. One can also do this with any kind of Walnut tree as well, resulting in a syrup with a slightly nutty aftertaste. My English Walnut only produced a half a gallon of sap the last time. Making maple syrup from our Big Leaf Maples is actually a big thing on the east side of Vancouver Island. The sap is more dilute than the classic Sugar Maples, requiring more energy to render it. One can get simple collecting kits with 10 taps and 3' lengths of food-grade tubing enough to tap 10 trees, along with the correct size drill bit and some cloth filters on Amazon. Its important to run some boiling water through these and the filters first - as the maple syrup reduction will pick up some unwanted flavors. Its also good to have a digital candy thermometer for when one is boiling the sap down. When it starts rising from 212 to 219 degrees (F) then you are done.

    The sap won't flow when it remains above freezing. Once the trees start budding, the sap then starts to become bitter.

    I have had sap produced here in Kingston by the owner of the Cup and Muffin from several Big Leaf Maples on his property. Its delicious!

  2. This used to be a really good link https://a.atmos.washington.edu/~ovens/wxloop.cgi?mm5d2_e_pcp1+//72/1 where did it go?

  3. I hope you are right...would like a little snow and then off to spring...but you are the only one even calling for cold weather next week... weather.com..weatherunderground...none of the local news folks...WeatherBug...are saying a word...I trust you more...interested to see who is correct...


    1. "Model ensembles are coming around to the idea of the ridge
      flattening and retrograding further offshore early next week which
      allows an anomalously cold upper trough to settle over the region.
      Much uncertainty remains with the details, but the overall trend
      points toward a colder pattern and lower snow levels."

  4. Reading the 215 NOAA forecast...they just jumped on board with you ...you seem to be one step ahead of all of the peeps around here...


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