April 17, 2023

Where can you get the most skillful weather forecast? And a cool week ahead. All in my new podcast

 One of the most frequent questions I am asked is where can one get the most skillful weather forecast.

What are the best sources of weather information?  

I answer the question in my new podcast.

In the podcast I refer to a website, forecastadvisor.com, which provides updated comparisons of the forecast skill of various weather prediction websites (see sample below for Seattle's March forecasts).

The WeatherUnderground and WeatherChannel are on top.  The National Weather Service is less skillful.   

Do humans help produce better forecasts? What about TV weathercasters>  All will be revealed in the podcast.

The Forecast

Before I take on prediction skill, I talk about the cool forecast for the next week.  Seattle should be hitting around 60F every day.  As you can see below, Seattle will be much cooler than normal.

To listen to my podcast, use the link below or access it through your favorite podcast service.

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The Northwest Weather Workshop agenda and information are online.  If you want to attend you must register (on the website).   A few speaking slots are still open for those interested in presenting.


  1. Yakima charts are here:

    1. Here are the same graphs for Walla Walla.

      January through April, 2023, Walla Walla

      Southeastern Washington is running two to three weeks behind our normal temperature pattern for spring warming.

  2. Hi Cliff, do you have any comment on the most skillful mountain weather forecast for the Cascades? I've been using the NWS website and also mountain-forecast (dot) com (I have no idea which models they use), and of course the Atmos Dept at UW provides a detailed forecast for Mt. Rainier. That must be even more challenging to predict the weather in the mountains and I'm used to watching the forecast change daily as I try to adjust my plans accordingly!

  3. Cliff, I'm starting to think you underrate the Seattle Times. It's been helping me raise an orphan lamb, and I've found it to be a highly absorbent paper. Also readily available, as the local store throws away almost every copy that's delivered.
    I trust my sheep to have enough critical thinking skills to give the Opinions section the respect it deserves.


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